Consistency Pays

While the joy of a novel event may appeal to the human soul. Or the beginning of a new thing (which sometime errors of recent past.) It is not dangerous to say that an unchecked continuity of such can lead to a thoroughly uncalled-for spree. The Nigerian society, over the past few years has been repeatedly greeted with the news of a change in one government or the other. From Anambra to Edo, Ekiti, Ondo, the list goes on. 

What is troubling in these events is not the fact that the ‘right man’ comes into power or the much acclaimed supremacy of the Rule of Law, what is indeed troubling is the fact that every single time a tribunal/court declares a candidate (the right man of course) as the true winner of an ill-conducted election, it relegates the integrity of the Nigerian election. Note: Not the man who conducted the elections.


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